Saturday, January 9, 2016

January Always Brings Renewed Inspiration

I find that my creativity takes a nose dive around holiday time with so many other things crowding my mind so I confess that I love to see January and February arrive - bad weather and all!

After my shows were finished for the year, I finished working on an art quilt I had started in the summer.  It has been a long time since I made an actual quilt.  I entered it in the SAQA show - My Corner of the World Canada.  It didn't make it into the exhibition but I still have plans for it.  It was mostly machine stitched with photo transfers of a caribou and park sign and is approx 21" x 26".  It was a good exercise for me and there were a few technical issues along the way which always add to the challenge.

Protect Our Parks

Photo transfer of Caribou  taken in Gros Morne Area

The sign says "Your fees at work.  Thank you" with a Parks Canada logo.  It was placed at the entrance of one of the trails.  When I saw the sign I knew it needed to find its way into a quilt.

Before Christmas I took out some tissue that I had glued and layered,and I painted and hand stitched them.  They became my Christmas cards.  The cards themselves were pretty odd colours I admit but they worked well with the colours of the tissue.

I splattered paint on some for snow flakes

I added birds and/or squirrels to these later on

After Christmas I gave myself the gift of time.   First I cleaned my work space and once everything was sorted and new discoveries were made, I started playing.  First I took out my felting tools and did a couple of small felted and hand stitched landscapes just for fun!  I had to stop myself from stitching too much and covering all the felted bits and I did feel that they were never quite finished - being so used to major stitching on my pieces.   But I enjoyed the process.

When shopping for gifts I couldn't help but notice the proliferation of colouring pages, colouring  note cards etc for adults.    So I grabbed my 4 x 6" sketch book and started designing my own pages with a pigma pen then colouring them with markers.  Oh my, what fun!!  I spent hours just drawing and colouring.   It really is addictive!

this one might be upside down:)

Woodpecker and Fox

Feathers and foliage

Flowers and more flowers

Rocks and Trees and Water.....
I made copies before I coloured them in and am toying with the idea of printing the uncoloured pages on postcards for sale.   I would need to work on refining some designs first of all.    I made some 8.5 x 11" pages too which I left uncoloured.     Not sure if this will go anywhere or if  I just needed a break from working towards shows and sales, themes and deadlines....

This one is not quite finished

I just ordered a couple of GELLI printing plates because I am taking part in a workshop in February.  I am excited about this new learning experience and how I can incorporate it into my work which is leaning more and more towards painted backgrounds and hand stitching. Nevertheless I did buy some new fabric with Christmas $$.  

I also hope to work on some of my UFOs this year .........and Out of the Box Fibre Artists have an exhibition next December at the Textile Museum with the theme of Colour Unboxed.    Hope I have some inspiration in that direction soon..  I am thinking about entering pieces in Threadworks too because I love the theme -  'Flashback'.   

Sounds like a busy year shaping up -   must remember to maintain some balance.

A Happy and Healthy New Year to all!

Monday, November 23, 2015

$100 and Under Christmas Sale

Stitched Journals
Here are a few examples of items I plan to bring to the $100 and Under Christmas Sale in Carp, Ontario December 4-6.   This is a unique show with all items priced at $100 or less.  See show details below.

My Unique Fabric Under Glass Jewelry

Fabric Beaded Necklaces
Framed Stitched Art


Don't forget this weekend I am at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Orleans for Baz'ART.   Please see my Exhibition page for more details.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Recent Workshop with Mary Pal, Glebe Craft and Artisan Fair and Baz'ART

This weekend I will be selling my textile art and jewelry at the Glebe Community Centre in Ottawa.   This is a great juried show with a variety of quality handmade items - jewelry, art work, wood turning, clothing, glass art, products made from recycled items, paper art - just to name a few.    I will post details of the show in my Exhibition section.

Next weekend - November 28 and 29 - I will be showing my work at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Orleans.     Besides a wonderful variety of hand made items and art works, there will be demonstrations, music and information about local arts organizations, with a variety of theatre performances throughout the weekend.   Their galleries will also be showing various artists' work.

Here are a few hand embroideries I will be taking with me this weekend - I'll have lots of new jewelry too.   These pieces were stitched using floss as well as my favourite variegated threads from Colour Complements.


Lavender Fields

Poppy Fields - I cut individual petals for foreground/french knots in background

 I have to show you the results of a wonderful workshop I took part in recently - working with cheesecloth with Mary Pal.  Mary is a great teacher and shared her knowledge freely.   Her work is amazing!!
Mary Pal Designs

I used a photo of my cat to create this piece with painted background. The white part is done with the cheesecloth.

And here is my cat - not the photo that I used though
Hope to see some of you at my shows!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

West Carleton Arts Society Show

It looks like I took the summer off blogging!  It wasn't intentional.  I spent the summer creating new work, went camping in Quebec at Mont Megantic to visit the observatory there, and I just came back from my annual Hike the Highlands festival in Cape Breton.

I am taking part in several shows this fall and the first of these is Expressions of Art with the West Carleton Arts Society.   This show takes place on Thanksgiving weekend at the Carp Fairgrounds (Agricultural Building).   I will post more information on this show on my Exhibitions page.  See more details    here   

 Here are a few of the new pieces I plan to display at this show.
Sunset over Cavendish Beach

Sentinels of the Forest in Spring

Focal Point

Wildflowers II

 Of course I will also have some new fabric pendants, postcards and journals.  

It is my first time at this show and I am having a few challenges with finding ways to display my work on grids especially my smaller pieces which don't fit properly on my grid hooks.  I will need to be innovative.

In mid November I will be at the Glebe Community Centre for the annual Glebe Craft and Artisan Fair, and the following week I will take part in Baz'ART at the Shenkman Centre in Orleans.  I will be posting more information about these shows on my Exhibition page soon.

My new grandson is five months old already and a happy healthy growing boy!  I don't like to post photos of him without permission but take my word for it, he is a cutey!!

I was at my friend's condo on Sunday and we went up to the roof to watch the eclipse......

Juat Beginning

Clouds rolled in so the final photos are not so defined

An added treat to see the city at night


Friday, June 5, 2015

Images from The Rock

Oh, how I love Newfoundland!! I just returned from 12 fabulous days of music and hiking in Gros Morne Newfoundland.   Why so early in the season?   I went for the Trails Tales and Tunes Festival, a celebration of music, storytelling, readings and hikes.   We hiked every morning, sometimes in deep snow, sometimes with the ground under our feet.   However, the weather was so good (yes I did say Newfoundland) that we were often in our shirt sleeves walking through the snow.  We had sun every day for the first week and temperatures rose well above the mid teens celcius which was perfect for hiking.   It was even warm enough some days to sit out on the dock by the Cat Stop Pub - drinking a cold beer and listening to music (on day 2 I got a sunburn even tho I was wearing sunscreen).

We hiked up to Burnt Hill where a wonderful a capella group from Corner brook gave us a mini concert!

Sun, music and drinks anyone?

32 members of Folk of the Bay - just folks who got together to make music - now they have 100 members - with all sorts of instruments!

We saw caribou and lots of moose, even a minke whale on a boat tour complete with musicians from the Claire Lynch Band who were acting like tourists too but ended up playing music on the upper deck.  

We started every day with a guided hike and ended it with a concert then after hours music at various venues.   The performers were so talented and included Acadian and Labrador connections.  So much fun!!!  And I learned so much about Newfoundland, the history, music, cultures.... This is the 9th year and the organizers did a fabulous job of it.   They are becoming too successful because most of the venues are small and the crowds are growing.

I even was able to find some lovely fabric at a PharmaSave in Norris Point!! 

And we ate traditional NL food - fish and brewis, fishcakes, cooked dinner/jig's dinner, and great fish and chips!  This was the first time I had seen NL in the spring and after the winter of snow there was still a lot of it around.  We saw people skiing and snowboarding on the Tablelands - not too safe at this time of year.

View of the Tablelands from Norris Point

This is me walking through the snow at the base of the Tablelands - a little chilly there!

Lobster Cove Lighthouse next to where my friend grew up

This was the view we had of Gros Morne from our patio door - my friend's brother graciously let us use their home

We hiked up to Bakers' Brook Falls one day
And met up with this moose on the way up

And all the time I am pointing my camera I am thinking - how would this look as an embroidery/art work/wall hanging/painted background etc?  I see so many opportunities for stitchery in the photos I took.    Now I just need some time to do it.   On Monday I am giving a workshop on making landscape postcards so busy preparing for that.   Then I hope to dive into some creative work.  I have applied for fall shows and am looking at  two SAQA exhibitions that really speak to me - Concrete and Grasslands and My Canada.  My son is also planning on making some changes to my website so I need to give that some thought as well.

BTW, you too can see the wonders of Gros Morne and enjoy their upcoming Fibre Arts Conference  at the same time.  I took the time to visit an exhibition of Fibre Art at the Discovery Centre in Woody Point called Wild, Pure Aesthetic Wonder.    Very edgy!! This exhibition is a precurser to the Fibre Art Conference that is coming to the area in October of this year.   You can find out more about this Conference and view the exhibition here.    Fibre Art Conference

I wish I could manage two trips to NL in one year - probably not though:(

I have to mention the new love of my life -  my sweet new grandson who seemed to have grown a lot while I was away.  He was born on April 23 and is becoming cuter and more alert every day.  He even smiles when his mom makes funny faces at him.   I don't want to post any photos of him without his parents' permission.   But take my word for it - he is a cutey!!

Now back to work!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Fibre Fling 4 was a Great Success!

Our Fourth Annual Fibre Fling held last weekend was a great success!   We had lots of visitors, received many positive comments, sold lots of beautiful pieces and even signed up new members for Out of the Box.   We haven't got all the figures yet but I am guessing we raised many $$ for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.   The high tea was certainly popular!

I sold most of the necklaces that I had at the sales table.  Luckily I have lots more at home and will add some to Etsy this week.   I was very pleased that many of my smaller stitched pieces were sold as well.  I also sold one of my favourite hand stitched pieces (aren't they all my favourites?) called A River Runs Through It.  This piece travelled to Edmonton last year to be part of the FFAA exhibition called 'Prairies'.  It is going to a good home:)

A River Runs Through It

Here are a few of the others that have gone to new homes.

Moose Sculpture at Sunset


As Far as the Eye can See - leaving me shortly.....

Two of my tiny shadow box pieces are sold as well - Forest Floor and Wildflowers.   I think I say this after every show but I don't seem to have photos of those pieces.   It's like they all migrate from my camera roll as soon as the piece is gone!!   I have lots of photos of the pieces which I still have!?

So now besides getting seriously to work on my taxes I am rushing to finish a wall hanging for a very special little person who is coming any day now.   It is a surprise but I don't think I will spoil it by mentioning it here because his parents are very busy right now preparing for the new arrival.

When I have a chance I will add several new pieces to my Etsy shop - since I don't have any shows coming up in the next few months.  I am hoping to squeeze in a trip to Newfoundland this spring.